Not to mention keeping track of yet another kind of cable. Ideally, I’d find an mp3 player with decent quality, the ability to record (I have a mic for my iPod), and using SD cards for storage.

Which is why I still have an iPod classic, which is basically the pinnacle of MP3 players. But iTunes is dying out and iPods getting harder to find.

I went to recreate an iTunes playlist on Spotify and at least half the music isn't available; I buy a lot of music on Bandcamp from small folk artists.

MMS attachment

I just ran my 3rd largest elevation climb with Runkeeper!

I was reading The Beekeeper's Bible tonight and long story short I found myself looking up bee poop, which is a thing I had never thought about before.

The thing is 14% is supposed to be the tolerance for the yeast (Lalvin 71b), so I I'm not sure what's going on. I can hear it bubbling still, though.

The dragon's breath has stopped fermenting, but the trad is still fermenting at the same rate. By my calculations, which could be off, it's between 14 & 15%.