Ahh. Taking the trash out in -1c weather is just what I needed. Seeing my breath in the street light on a quiet, cool crisp night makes me happy.

Seeing the first snowfall of the year outside my office window. Woo!

Since noise cancelling headphones don't work with glasses so I figured I would try the AirPods Pro, but with low expectations. Holy crap. I was hesitant but these are definitely worth the price.

Working through Cracking The Coding Interview I came across an exercise that asks to implement 3 stacks only using a single array. Basically it comes down to tracking the index for each third of the array. It gets a little tricky when growing and shrinking the storage but it was fun to implement.

Today Dunkin' (previously Dunkin' Donuts) launches their Beyond Meat sausage sandwiches. These are exciting times.